How eyelash extensions can transform your eyelash if you have fair natural lashes

Transforming Light Eyelashes to Naturally Thick and Long Lashes with Individual Lashes

Client: City Professional

Brief: Noticeable eyelash extensions without being overly dramatic to fit into office environment.

Material: Real Siberian Mink Fur

Technical Details: Base Lash - 11mm, Accent 10mm and 9mm, Inner and Outer Corners - 7mm

Technician Notes: Working with fair eyelashes require lash extensions with a lighter weight which gives a more natural shade that is in keeping with the client's features (Namely, brow hair colour and natural hair colour) Using mink fur achieves a dark but more natural look

Natural lashes - Fair and short eyelashes 

Real Mink Siberian Fur adds length and definition to the natural lashes. This shows the eyelashes after the application and before the application of eyelash extensions

After both eyelashes have been extended with semi permanent eyelash extensions

A complete new look

Natural looking eyelash extensions
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Review of JICA Eyelash Extensions

JICA Eyelash Extensions, A Review

JICA Eyelash Extensions

JICA  Lash Extensions Treatment is basically a fiber mascara that is meant to add thickness and length to the natural lashes to make them look like professionally applied individual lashes. Unlike other fiber mascara, JICA lash extensions treatment mascara is black so does not require several coats of mascara to hide the filaments that coat the eyelashes.

Verdict after using JICA Eyelash Extensions Treatment
Overall it was a fairly positive experience. There are a lot of mascaras on the market which claim to lengthen and thicken the lashes to impossible levels. Although JICA Eyelashes cannot create the same naturally dramatic look of individual eyelash extensions, it can add volume and length to the natural eyelashes but it is not without its set backs.

How JICA eyelash extensions look when applied
JICA eyelash extensions can look clumpy if several coats are applied. Due to the filaments in the lashes, the eyelashes tend to look like spider legs if over applied.  This can be prevented by waiting for the treatment to dry after application and using a clean spoolie to comb through the lashes after application

Clumpy Eyelash Extensions

Filaments in JICA Eyelash Extensions Treatment
Like other fiber mascaras, JICA Lash Extensions Treatment coats the natural lashes with tiny fibers which gives the illusion of volume and adds length to the eyelashes. It is probably a good idea to a apply the lash treatment before applying other make up as the filaments may fall on the skin and ruin the make up.

Looking downwards when applying JICA lash extensions is also recommended as it prevents the filaments from entering the eyes during the application.

Side Effects of Using JICA eyelash extensions treatment
Once the filaments in the product enters your eyes accidentally during application, It would be advisable to flush the eye in a water to wash away the filaments. Should you fail to flush out all the filaments, this may cause the eyes to become irritated and in sever instances cause an infection.

If a load of filaments on your lashes is not for you, you may want to try lash extensions applied professionally.

Chinatown Eyelash Extensions : Understanding and Mastering the Art of Applying Eyelash Extension to Oriental Eyelashes

Oriental Eyelashes Picture Source

Oriental eyelashes may be short and thin, making the application of eyelash extensions more intricate.  The lashes  may also be sparse and straight. While the base of the individual lashes attach to the straight natural lashes easily, the sparse natural lashes require advanced application techniques such as layering to achieve a full and glamorous look if required (This is of course a generalisation so might not be the so in some cases.) 

Factors to Consider When Applying Eyelash Extensions on Oriental Eyes

Tools to Use in the Application of Eyelash Extensions for Oriental Eyes
It is advisable to use a fine tip tweezers for oriental eyelashes as this will allow for easy separation if the lashes are fine.

The Size of Oriental Eyes
Some Oriental may be very small. In this case, the construction of the lashes should be geared towards widening the eyes to make them larger. A recommended eyelash construction style would be to apply longer lashes at the the mid section of the eyes and shorter lashes on either corners to open and enlarge the eyes.  

The Shape of Oriental eyes
In some cases the tear duct corners of the the eyes may droop more than the outer corner. The weight of the lashes and its length should be lighter and shorter to prevent the eyes from looking smaller.

The Lash Line of Oriental Eyes
It is also important to consider the lash line when applying eyelash extensions to Asian eyes. If the lash line is covered by the eyelids, the length and curl of the lashes should be chosen carefully to achieve the desired effect.

Applying Individual Eyelash Extensions on Oriental Eyelashes with Single Eyelid

A micropore tape case be used to lift the eyelid slightly to allow the lashes to be easily visible and properly separated for application. I would be helpful to use a silk tape rather than a collagen eye pad for the application. The silk tape is lighter than the pad and allows more space to work.

Eyelash Extensions Curl Appropriate for Oriental Eyelashes

It may be tempting to use a C or D curl to add some definition to the eye. This may however cause discomfort as the tip of the curl may irritate the eyelids. J curls have a slight curl that looks natural on oriental eyes. For a more glamorous look a B Curl may be used as it has a stronger curl than the J Curl. J and B curls are more suited to those with straighter lashes as it gives a subtle definition to their natural curl.

To Have your eyeleashes applied by a specialist expereinced in the application of eyelash extensions for oriental eyes visit the Primalashes Website :

Kim Kardashian attends Kanye West's Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Ready-To-Wear collection show iKim Kardashian attends Kanye West's Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Ready-To-Wear collection show in Paris with Real Mink Siberian Fur Eyelash Extensions

Kim Kardashian just knows how to highlight her features to make her an incredibly beautiful woman. She showed up at Kanye West’s Ready - To - Wear collection at Paris fashion Kim was wearing an all white outfit and a white fur stole. Here eyelashes were glossy and extra long. You can just feel the softness of the real mink fur used in the application from the picture. Kim’s lashes are in D curls. D curls are super curly and opens up the eyes to give the Bambi effect going on there. 

If you are thinking these super gorgeous lashes are out of your league in the recession, just book online for a half set of real mink Siberian fur eyelash extensions for the same look at a great price!

Photos are from Zimbio